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+0800 123 4567


Benefits you get

Advantageous Tariffs

Expert Telematics is the maximum information about your vehicle fleet at the lowest cost. We have the lowest tariff in the country for monitoring transport outside of Sri Lanka. For international transport, the subscription fee is 3000 rupees per unit of transport per month. Tariffs initially include mobile operators' traffic.


Everything is functional, clear and thought out ``for people``. The dispatcher will not have to dig deeply into the new, unfamiliar interface. In the program window it is easy to track in real time the movement and the executed routes of many cars at once. Keep everything under control, even if you are out of the office - via the mobile version of the program!

Real savings

We calculated the effect of using the satellite monitoring system. Fuel economy can be up to 70%. Add to this the optimization of fleet maintenance costs (by 30%), the increase in discipline in the team, as well as the saving of the dispatch work time.

Experts are always there

The car park is usually on the road. For the installation of equipment no one will stop work. But for our equipment you do not need to go anywhere specifically - it's ``coming`` to you. The engineer will be able to arrive to install the equipment at any time convenient for you.

Reliability 24/7

The company works 24 hours a day, without days off and regardless of weather. All the equipment that we offer has been field tested, has shown increased resiliency, and now works on thousands of objects. The monitoring data is reliably protected and available to the dispatcher around the clock. We are confident in the quality of our equipment and guarantee its efficiency. In case of failure, the engineer immediately leaves the place at any time and changes equipment at our expense.

Quality, Documented

The quality of our services meets the most stringent requirement of GOST. This was confirmed by the TRC Certification in Tracking/Transport, issuing a certificate of conformity for maintenance of machinery and equipment installation. Expert Telematika LLC also received a license from the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Communication, Information Technologies and Mass Communications.