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Small and smart tracker with micro SD card and latest Bluetooth version


WASI-Pro is a GPS tracking device for heavy vehicles. This device is designed for standard vehicle tracking and monitoring tasks and can obtain information from standard CANbus protocols such as FMS and J1708.


WASI-Eco is a basic GPS tracking device designed for vehicle tracking and monitoring tasks such as providing information on vehicle location, speed, trip history, mileage, fuel level, etc. The device has a fully dustproof and waterproof housing (IP67 certified) to withstand various harsh working environments.

Fuel level sensor

The fuel level sensor is fully developed and manufactured by Ruptela for universal fuel management – monitoring fuel level, controlling fuel consumption and preventing fuel theft. It is available in standard and advanced versions, and the same sensor probe can be used with different heads – ECO and PRO.

Hardware Solutions


WASI-ADV is a highly advanced GPS tracker for all types of heavy vehicles – trucks, busses, agriculture, mining, building and other special machinery. It is designed to track and monitor vehicles and perform advanced tasks – read on-board computer data (CANbus), monitor driver behaviour, remotely download tachograph data, manage fuel, etc.

The device communicates using GSM (2G) networks, and it is also available in version that supports UMTS (3G).

WASI-Eco hicci

WASI-Eco hicci is a compact GPS tracker designed for vehicle tracking and monitoring tasks such as providing information on vehicle location, speed, trip history, mileage, fuel level, etc. The device has an internal GPS & GSM antenna making it small and very easy to install. Therefore it fits easily anywhere in the vehicle and makes installation much easier.

The device is also available with an integrated battery – WASI-Eco hicci+

Temperature sensor

The temperature sensors are designed for measuring the temperature of the cargo and the refrigerators. The sensors operate with an accuracy of ±0.5°C in the temperature range from -40°C to +120°C ±0.5°C. The sensor housing is IP67 certified, ensuring its durability despite various harsh working environments.

Panic button

The Panic button increases the safety of the vehicle, the driver and the cargo. In case of an emergency, the driver can quickly send an emergency message to the manager. The message is received in the monitoring and control system or by SMS.

Software Solutions

Suhuru GPS tracking & IoT System

Suhuru TrackX is a multifunctional fleet management system, also used for mobile and stationary assets tracking. For more than 14 years in the international market, Suhuru TrackX GPS Fleet tracking solutions have entered the national markets of 130+ countries.

Over 950 fleet tracking service providers have chosen Suhuru TrackX recognizing our favourable business terms (we never put our customers into long-term contracts), flexible, yet powerful fleet management features and 24/7 high-quality technical support.

PathX is a real-time vehicle monitoring and control software. With PathX you can manage any type of fleet and save everyone’s time and money. You will always know what is happening with your fleet and what could be improved.


Industry Solutions

Cargo transportation

Construction Companies

Trading Companies

Passenger Transportation

Taxi Services

Utility Services

Agroindustrial Enterprises

*Subscription fee for transport monitoring

Territory of Sri Lanka:

8000 rupees / month.

The whole world:

3000 rupees/ month

* Traffic of the cellular operator is included in the price: a sim card with a special tariff is completed with each installed device.

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