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Installation of GPS Systems

Process of Installing GPS Systems

Installation of GPS equipment specialist company takes from 1 to 2 hours. Work can be done in our installation center or in the parking lot. Installation – in full accordance with GOST. This is confirmed by the certificate of compliance for the installation of equipment and TO of vehicles from the TRC Certification.

Some customers ask the question: is it possible to install navigation and GPS systems independently? We answer – it is possible, but we do not recommend it. For this you need to know a lot of nuances:

  • Where to install GPS equipment in the car so that all sensors and devices work correctly. And at the same time did not interfere with the operation of machinery and systems of the machine.
  • How best to seal the device in case of intentional damage by drivers.
  • How to properly connect the devices to the vehicle’s on-board network.
  • How to route GPS and GSM antennas and where they can not be fixed.
  • What is different about installing fuel sensors on different models of cars.
  • How to accurately drill a fuel tank, in what place.
  • How to calibrate sensors and instruments is a complex multi-stage process of setting the maximum and minimum level, initial values, anti-aliasing settings, etc.

Advantages of the GPS installation in our country

  • Saves time. Our employees have installed more than one hundred different systems for different brands of cars. Therefore, all work is carried out quickly and clearly.
  • Saving money. In the process of self-installation by a person without experience, you can damage either the navigation equipment itself or a car.
  • Quality assurance. Warranty for installation works – 1 year.
  • Control of unauthorized access. Places where GLONASS and navigational instruments are installed are sealed with our firm seal. The driver can not undetectly damage the instruments or interrupt monitoring.

How long does it take to install systems for different cars?

For trucks

  • installation of monitoring equipment – from 1 to 2.5 hours, depending on the composition of the system;
  • installation of DUT (fuel level sensors) ultrasound / LLS – 1-2 hours.

For cars

  • installation of monitoring equipment – from 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the composition of the system;
  • installation of DST (fuel level sensors) ultrasound / LLS – 1-2.5 hours.