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Advanced Plug and Track real-time tracking terminal with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity



OBDII data

OBDII data reading

FMB001 connects directly to car OBDII connector and is able to read up to 32 vehicle onboard parameters.

Bluetooth icon


Integrated Bluetooth enables wireless headset and various other Bluetooth sensors connectivity.
Make phone calls to Your employee via Bluetooth headset. No unauthorized calls anymore! Be sure that your employee is always safe and uses hands free headset instead of phone!

Read records and configure your tracker wirelessly via Bluetooth

No inconvenient configuration via SMS or searching for tracker in hard to reach places to connect USB cable.
Single push and your device is connected to configurator via Bluetooth.

Micro SD card

Don’t lose any records with micro SD card up to 32 GB!
FMB001 will store all data in micro SD card when driving in areas where GSM is not available.

Advanced antitheft system icon

Advanced antitheft system

Prevent your vehicle from theft with advanced antitheft functionality. Combine Auto Geofencing with new Towing detection functionality.

Smart Crash detection icon

Smart Crash detection

Ensure safety of Your employee with smart Crash detection. Get alarm message immediately after accident, save workers life!

FMB001 sheme

FMB001A1LY01 new standard mass package contains:

  • 20 pcs. FMB001 trackers
  • 20 pcs. 128MB microSD cards inside each FMB001 device
FM10XY packagingNew mass packaging for Teltonika FM productsFM10XY packaging

FMB001A1IM01* package contains

  • FMB001 tracker
  • 128MB microSD card (inserted to device)
  •  Power supply cable (0.25 m)

* For single packaging orders, configuration cable not included

FMB001A1J2SC* package contains

  • FMB001 tracker
  • 128MB microSD card
  • Mini USB – USB cable (0.8 m)
  • Power supply cable (0.25 m)


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